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About Us

EGPL is a hypothetical supplier of gardening equipment and supplies to trade and retail customers.

The business has been used as sample data for our back office system, axis diplomat, for many years and so was a natural choice for using to populate a demonstration website.

Why gardening supplies?

When deciding on an industry for our demonstration data, we could have chosen any one of a number of sectors but gardening equipment and supplies gave us a number of advantages - it features a range of product types, such as

  • large capital items such as lawnmowers, which allow us to illustrate extended specifications, document downloads, etc.
  • accessories and optional extras (such as extension leads for electrical power tools) to illustrate cross sells
  • everyone is familiar with the concepts of the products involved even if they are not themselves keen gardeners
  • imagery is readily available from image libraries, which is invaluable when selling imaginary products